Making Appropriate Electronic Publishing Decisions

Print Format




Offset Print, then Distribute


Advantages: For 1000+ units, lower unit cost. Higher quality. Better halftone quality. Better customer response.
Disadvantages: Risk of 90% left in warehouse ("bound greenbacks"). Cost of distribution.






Advantages: Predictable outlay, few warehousing issues, advantages of "in-house" distribution control
Disadvantages: Lower quality; no sewn binding clothbound; "big win" difficult; requires technical infrastructure




Distribute, then Print (DocuTech, etc.)


Advantages: At lower runs, lower unit costs; flexible "on-demand" individual publications, no warehouse overruns (even no warehouse)
Disadvantages: Lower quality; no clothbound; harder "big win" (cost never declines to price of paper); may require technical infrastructure




Print + Electronic Hybrid


Advantages: Color & expanded material can be on website or CDROM, print-appropriate material in book form
Disadvantages: Archival fears of librarians, necessity of continuous attention; what happens in 2504?




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