New Generation Auction

Kepner/Jensen Estate

Auction and Estate Sale

About this Auction:
Most of the collections in this auction come from the Osceola, Nebraska Kepner estate, accrued over four generations in the middle West states of Iowa, Nebraska, and Arizona. Other auctions will include more from the Lincoln, Nebraska Jensen holdings later.

The online auction itself is held on HiBid (see links within the pages listed below). Our listings are produced to help viewers see some of the special and spectacular groupings that the auction provides:

The Zella Kepner Button Collection:
These buttons and button bulletins were collected by our grandmother Zella Gillmor Kepner from approximately 1915 through the 1970s. Zella Kepner’s interest in buttons began in her childhood, when two different aunts gave her their charm strings. She was involved with local, regional and national button organizations throughout her life. From her childhood in Iowa, to attending Ward-Belmont in Nashville, to the University of Nebraska, working for the Omaha Sun-Bee in the 1920s, then marrying and raising a family, she continued to research and organize and collect buttons, which she arranged, mounted and displayed in her Osceola, Nebraska home. This collection is being offered by her three grandchildren, who have many happy memories of exploring her framed cards on our visits to her house.

Isaac Gillmor Civil War Collection (Sword, Rifle, Ammunition Satchel, Pouch)
Originally owned by Isaac Gillmor, Sergeant/1st Lieut in Iowa's 2nd Cavalry Company C. See
"Gillmor, Isaac. (Veteran.) Age 26. Residence Allen's Grove, nativity Ireland. Enlisted Aug. 14, 1861, as Fifth Sergeant. Mustered Sept. 1, 1861. Promoted Fourth Sergeant April 1, 1862; Commissary Sergeant Jan. 23, 1863; First Sergeant July 11, 1863 Re-enlisted and re-mustered March 1, 1864. Promoted First Lieutenant Nov. 27, 1864. Mustered out Sept. 19, 1865, Selma, Ala."

Postcards, Trade Cards, Merit Cards, etc.:
From the 1880s through 1940s, postcards, greeting cards, trade cards, and more, from the collections of many Kepners, Gillmors, Innesses, and others, organized by our field specialist into smaller lots. Rare Valentines and Halloween cards, Victorian Trade Cards, Album collections, Souvenir cards from travels, Humor cards, Christmas cards, itinerant-photographer Postcards, and much more. A truly remarkable collection of varied Americana, in very good shape.

Native American Baskets and Rugs:
These baskets were originally gifts provided to several generations of Kepners in the early 20th century, gathered by Ed Grindell, a swashbuckling figure in the Kepner line (member of Roosevelt's "Rough Riders," adventurer and explorer). The large urn-shaped basket was one of the late Janet Kepner's earliest memories; she was born in 1929. Several of these baskets are museum pieces, in quality and substance.

World War II Philco War Effort Posters
Notable illustrators (such as Rube Goldberg, Werner, Crafword, Nix, and other notable cartoonists of the era) created war effort posters that Philco produced and distributed. These 23 posters are being sold individually. A group of 60 of these posters is on sale on Ebay for $5500 ( Our 23 are in better shape than most.

Vintage Marbles
Marbles from the middle half of the 1900s -- 30s through 70s. Some of these are quite special, others more run-of-the-mill.

Vintage Canes
Canes, walking sticks, and the like, most from the 50s through 90s, including souvenir Alps and other hiking paraphernalia.