Major Projects

The links to these (and all others) are under construction; these and other non-linkable projects are listed in my résumé.

  • Inventor, Architect and Producer of the National Academies Research Dashboard, a site tool to enable a researcher to use any National Academies report as a "research portal" into Google, Yahoo, and the 3300+ publications of the Academies, as well as the report itself (6/04).
  • Inventor, Architect and Producer of the National Academies discovery engine providing semantically-enriched context-based results with "find more like this" capabilities for a decentralized organization (2/03)
  • Inventor, Architect and Producer of the National Academies search results post-processing presentation system, providing context-coordinated results for a decentralized organization (07/02)
  • Initial Inventor, Architect, Programmer, and Producer, the National Academy Press's Open Book interface, including the related titles mechanism, and the search builder tool.
  • Inventor, Programmer, Producer of, a free toolset for Web research, metakey extraction, plagiarism identification, and more; further refined and applied as National Academies site tools, based on boildex and ContentSphere mechanisms (4/01).
  • Inventor, Programmer, Producer of the Contentsphere "small universe" collection systems, as well as the "boildex" term weighting approach underpinning the lexically-based exploration and discovery tools. The ContentSphere patent applications are now owned by the National Academies (2/00-01/01).
  • Technology Director, Programmer, and Producer, the The History Cooperative, the groundbreaking project of the American Historical Association, the Organization of American Historians, the University of Illinois Press, and the National Academy Press.
  • Initiator, Architect, and Producer, Walker's Mammals of the World Online, version 5.1, Robert Nowak, an online version of the 5th edition of this preeminent reference work in the field.
  • Initiator, Architect, and Producer, The Johns Hopkins Online Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism, Michael Groden and Martin Kreiswirth, an online digitization of the book. (winner of the Association of American Publisher's 1997 "Best Electronic Product - Internet - Social Sciences/Humanities" award)
  • Initiator, Architect, and Director, Gallery of the Open Frontier Project, a University of Nebraska Press partnership with the National Archives founded with $100,000 federally appropriated funds to digitize at least 5000 images pertaining to the history of the American West, identify or develop data structures for identifiers of the images, and produce an online testbed, 11/94-10/95. This project is an arm of the Library of the Open Frontier, a digital library project under development. Acquired continuation funding of $100,000 for second year, 11/95-10/96.
  • Initiator and Producer/Programmer of The Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography on CD-ROM, by Dan L. Thrapp, comprised of 5500 biographical entries and 270 portraits hypertextually linked and indexed, published 3/95. Responsibility for overseeing digitization and proofreading, designed interface, digitized images, programmed within authoring software, wrote conversion software. Winner of a 1996 National Educational Media Network "Silver Apple" award.
  • Initiator and Project Director, University of Nebraska Library of the Open Frontier Digital Library Initiative, a four million dollar competitive grant proposal to the NSF developed jointly by the University of Nebraska Press, the UNL Libraries, the Computer Science and Engineering Department, and the Computing Resource Center, 2/94. Proposal rejected 8/94.
  • Initiator, Producer, and Programmer, Buros Institute for Mental Measurement's Mental Measurements Yearbook on CDROM, 10/91. Designed visual interface for information access, translated digital data into appropriate format, coordinated pressing, etc. Published 9/92.
  • Initiated development of, and acquired data for, Telnet-based on-line catalog of University of Nebraska Press titles with descriptive information and up-to-date prices; until proven otherwise, this seems to be the first searchable publisher's catalog on the Internet, 2/90.

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